The iPhone SE Is Back in the Apple Store, and It's Cheap

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Small-handsed iOS fans all over the world should be pleased today. Just a few hours before its big spring event, Apple started selling the iPhone SE in its store again—for as little as $250. This is not a new small-screen iPhone, however. It’s likely the last of Apple’s stock that the company has finally put on clearance. That means that now might be your last time to buy a new iPhone SE.


Many people (including some at this blog) thought the iPhone SE was done for after Apple removed the model from its store following the iPhone XS and XR announcement last September. Although it still has a passionate fan base, the iPhone SE was Apple’s oldest and cheapest phone that just didn’t fit in with the expensive new FaceID-powered full-screen phones that Apple really wants you to buy right now. It also remains unclear if Apple will ever decide to resurrect and update the SE lineup—but no new phones are expected to be announced at its March event.

If all this iPhone SE talk is getting you fired up, here’s a link to a new clearance page full of them on Apple’s website. Not all models are available for all carriers. Verizon customers, for instance, will have to settle for 32GB models in silver or rose gold. All of the iPhone SE models on sale are brand new, not refurbished, and feature such classic Apple technology as Touch ID, an A9 chip, and a 4-inch screen. Get them while you can, though—the last time Apple put the SE on clearance, the stock sold out in a day. After this fire sale, Apple may be all out of spare SE parts.

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My iPhone SE is awesome except for the 30 minute battery life.