The John Carter Sequel We're Never Getting Would've Been "Awesome"

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Just in case you're forgotten how sad it is that Disney's first John Carter movie bombed — thanks to a horrific ad campaign more than any fault of the movie's own — star Taylor Kitsch told Variety "the second script was fucking awesome." Sigh.


Kitsch was interviewed because of his recent appearance on HBO's The Normal Heart, but had this to say on John Carter:

Was the bad press over "John Carter" hard for you?
I mean, look man, it wasn't an uplifting experience. My biggest regret would have been if I didn't do enough personally. If I didn't give it everything I had. If I hadn't prepped enough. I don't have that regret, so that allows me to let go. I still talk to Lynn Collins almost daily. Those relationships that were born won't be broken by people we never met.

Do you wish there would have been a sequel?
I miss the family. I miss Andrew Stanton. I know the second script was fucking awesome. We had to plant a grounding, so we could really take off in the second one. The second one was even more emotionally taxing, which was awesome.

If the movie had been anything like the second book, The Gods of Mars, we would certainly have been in for a treat as John Carter basically destroyed eons of Martian religion, kicking the asses of jerks masquerading as god all over the planet. And since the sequel was slightly less influential on virtually all scifi movies made after the book's publication, that would have meant The Gods of Mars movie wouldn't have looked nearly as cliché as the countless sandy gladiator fights of John Carter.

But seeing as Disney lost $200 million on the project, while Tron, which made several million dollars back in 1982 but didn't receive a sequel for 28 years, I think we can safely assume the series is kaput. And I think we're also totally warranted in being bummed out about it.

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I'll never be convinced that calling it John Carter of Mars wouldn't have helped it massively.