The Latest Play Arts Kai Batman Might Not Be Crazy, But He Looks Great

Part of what makes Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai line great is its willingness to go completely insane when it comes to creating a variant for a figure — especially for their Batman figures. But sometimes they don't need to rely on batshit insanity for a good figure. Sometimes it just needs to look fantastic.

Based on the Dark Knight's appearance in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham Knight, the figure eschews the usual lunacy one typically associates with Play Arts Kai's wonderful 'Variants' line and instead channels all it's might into creating a pretty fantastic looking figure. The Arkham games have always given us something a little more heavily armoured for Batman than his usual skintight suit, but this figure has captured both the high-tech look of the suit while keeping the Dark Knight mobile and articulate.


I love all the little scuffmarks on the cape. Plus, it's articulated for maximum bat-fanciness! Good stuff. Sure, it might not have a hojillion Bat-arms or thigh-rockets or be a steampunk-cowboy-ninja mashup or whatever, but it's a damn fine looking Batman figure. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from all the insanity and have just that!

There's currently no price or date for the figure yet, but I'd wager on the usual $70 that Play Arts Kai tends to go for.

[via Toyark]

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