The Latest Star Wars Resistance Video Introduces New Characters and Has Some Tantalizing Teases

Star Wars Resistance is going to give the franchise some bright personality.
Star Wars Resistance is going to give the franchise some bright personality.
Photo: Disney Channel

Star Wars Resistance is just messing with us at this point, and we’re absolutely here for it.


USA Today just posted a new video from the upcoming Star Wars animated series that introduces a group of characters on the show called “The Aces.” Unlike Team Fireball, who we met in this video, the Aces are the more seasoned vets on the show. They’re the best pilots in the galaxy...and they’re a little bored.

Watch the video to meet them all but keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Now, obviously, this video is just meant to give us a brief glimpse of these new characters. But notice how, at the end, the actors start talking about being brought into a Resistance they weren’t ready to be a part of? That the First Order is on the rise? And did you see what looks like Kylo Ren’s ship? Everything we’ve seen so far from Resistance is all “Yay, there’s racing and cool new characters” and none of the world around it. But in this video, you get a very small tease that both the Aces and Team Fireball are going to play a significant role in the conflict to come.

At the same time, I also love that Resistance is giving Star Wars a little more personality. Almost all the films feel very stoic: same ships, same tone, same colors. The Clone Wars and Rebels open it up a bit with characters like Sabine—but here, we really get to see a Star Wars universe with some pizazz. Of course, people in this world would mod out and trick out their ships. Of course, they’d race. Of course, they’d brag about their skills. That’s a very cool, fun angle on what we know will eventually become a more serious story.

Star Wars Resistance will premiere October 7 on Disney Channel.

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looks fun and zippy. seems to be referencing M.A.S.K. a little, which is cool, because M.A.S.K. is cool.