The Latest "World's Thinnest Phone" Will Soon Eat Up Japan

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Specs? I don't think the Japanese care—just as long as this NEC Medias phone lives up to its 7.7mm-thick promise. Unlike other super-slim phones that cry of a 6mm waist (the LG Optimus Black, at its thinnest point), the Medias is actually 7.7mm up and down.


The phone has leaked out ahead of its Japanese announcement, with claims of it weighing just 105g and having a 4-inch LCD face with 854 x 480 resolution (the same res as Sony Ericsson's Xperia Arc). Supposedly it's running Android 2.2 on an 800MHz processor, has a 5.1MP camera and digital TV tuner.

It's one only for the Japanese market, sure, but I just can't fathom how they got it so thin. After seeing Samsung's Galaxy S II (which seems impossibly thin at 8.49mm) in the flesh, I'd be really interested to try my hand as snapping NEC's phone in half. Purely for scientific reasons, you understand. [Datacider and Draft Life With Blogs via Akihabara News via MobileCrunch]


Manly McBeeferton

Will it eat up Japan? Or will Japan eat it up?