The Legendary Poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture Is Getting a Limited Edition Release

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The striking poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been boldly printed like never before.

A new company called Iconic LE Prints has secured the rights to release posters by legendary artist Bob Peak as limited edition screen prints. This means that instead of the flimsy, possibly folded one-sheets you’ve owned for years, now you can have Peak’s posters on thick card stock, printed with dozens of different layers of ink—giving each poster a tangible, weighty quality.

First up is Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The 24 x 36 inch poster will go on sale Friday at 1:00 pm PST in regular (with text) and variant editions of 100 and 50, at a cost of $120 or $140.


If this process sounds familiar, it’s because other galleries have begun to do the same thing with the work of another famous poster artist, Drew Struzan. His posters for The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, and Back to the Future have all been turned into limited-edition screen prints by various galleries. This is the first time Peak’s work has made the jump, though, and if this edition does well, Iconic LE promises to give more of Peak’s iconic posters—which include Superman: The Movie and Apocalypse Now—the same treatment.

For more on the poster and sale info, visit the below link.

[Iconic LE Prints]

*Correction: The above link mentions, but we missed, the fact this is a slightly different version of Peak’s artwork and not an exact match of the original poster. Apologies.