The Microsoft Kin Is Coming Back To Life On Verizon

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The Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two—which were killed off six weeks after launching—are coming back to life according to a leaked Verizon roadmap. Why, God, why?


The devices are now dubbed KIN ONEm and KIN TWOm and will supposedly be "completely debundled from data services" this time around. [PPC Geeks via Engadget]


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Well perfect!

That's what it should have been to begin with. Or even just lower cost.

No one is going to pay business-device smartphone fees for a feature phone that can post to your Facebook account.

Behind the scenes at Verizon, this must have been argued very loudly, and some people slapped for their original greed/idiocy, to see this coming back in this [corrected] plan now.

I don't recall bad reviews of the devices for what they were - just "this isn't WP7, so why would you pay the same rates as a full-blown WP7 device?"