The Milk Truck Rescues Breastfeeding Mamas in Pittsburgh

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The Milk Truck is part art work, part public service. It was created by Jill Miller for an exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It'll also travel the streets providing a safe place for nursing mothers.


The truck was converted into a mobile nursing station with cozy benches, chairs and rugs. Moms unable to nurse their baby in public can call, text or tweet and the Milk Truck will travel to their location. When it's not responding to nursing emergencies, the Milk Truck will cover a daily pump route for working mothers who'd rather pump in the comfort of the truck instead of a cramped latrine.

The Milk Truck is designed to make people aware of a mother's right to breastfeed. And with its giant pink breast and pastel paint job, the vehicle and its message is unforgettable. [The Milk Truck via Inhabitots]

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The breast on the top is unnecessary. The name & paint scheme are sufficient. Also, getting rid of the breast might remove some stigma that some mothers might have about be associated with the giant tit truck and thereby help increase their business.