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We may earn a commission from links on this page

The Month's Best iPhone Apps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Each month, the best new iPhone apps-and some older ones-are considered for Gizmodo's Essential iPhone Apps Directory. Who will join? Who will live? Who will die? Here's the best of the best from February.

For the full directory of Gizmodo's Essential iPhone Apps for 2009, click here. Here are the best of the month, and what we've added to the directory:

February's Best Apps

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Essential App Directory Inductees

Camera Pro Plus: It isn't enough for a camera app to add options to still shooting. No, nowadays you need video.


Meebo: An ultra-slick messaging app that makes every other free entrant look either quaint or crappy.

Angry Birds: I could have gone outside last Saturday, but I didn't. I played Angry Birds instead. I have no regrets.


Siri: Rolls speech recognition, search, and intelligent text parsing into one semi-magical package.


Logitech Touch Mouse: Does 75% percent of what more expensive iPhone-as-a-touchpad apps do, for 0% of the price.


The Fallen

Fring: Because Meebo is that good.

Snapture: Replaced by Camera Pro Plus.

And that's it! What counts as an essential iPhone app changes all the time, and so should our guide: If we've missed anything huge, or you've got a much better suggestion for a particular type of app, let us know, or say so in the comments. We'll be updating this thing pretty frequently, and a million Gizmodo readers can do a better job at sorting through the app mess than a single Gizmodo editor. Enjoy!