The Morphing E-Ink Keyboard May (Almost) Finally Be Here

Those of us who are terrible at memorizing keyboard shortcuts dream of a day when we don't have to keep a reference card handy for Photoshop or Office. And while they've been teased before, it looks like we might finally be able to buy, or at least pre-order, an E Ink keyboard with keys that change and provide shortcut hints depending on what software you're using.

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The Jaasta E Ink Keyboard will soon be available through a crowdfunding campaign and is expected to sell for around $300 once it's in production. So don't go throwing your keyboard in the trash just yet; there are still quite a few hurdles before the Jaasta makes its way onto your desk. But you can certainly put your current keyboard on notice.

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Dynamically changing keys aren't just useful for remembering software shortcuts, either. The feature also allows for a considerable amount of customizability. Have you always wanted to try the Dvorak layout without full abandoning Qwerty? It's just a quick refresh away. You could even get rid of keys you never use, or add duplicates of ones you rely on often. Twitter power-users could finally get a dedicated hashtag key, although they probably shouldn't.

There are a lot of promises being made with the Jaasta keyboard, and while the E Ink technology that facilitates its morphing keys is tried and true at this point, getting the whole thing to work properly and feel like a regular keyboard is the real challenge. It might be worth holding on to your money until its creators post a video or two of a working prototype, or wait until it's actually in production to see if that estimated $300 price tag is even feasible. [Jaasta]


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