The Most Comfortable iPad Dock Money Can Buy

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"HOLLANDIA LAUNCHES WORLD'S FIRST BED DESIGNED TO WORK WITH IPAD" screams the press release. And much like Kanye's tweets or Mike from the Jersey Shore, I can't quite figure out if I'm laughing at them or with them.


The iCon, the $20,000 iPad dock-bed in question, combines a swanky adjustable mattress from Hollandia and a custom headboard, featuring a built-in iPad dock and a sound system including four speakers and a 250 watt amplifier. So it's definitely a real thing you can buy. But does Hollandia understand just how silly the concept of the "world's first bed designed to work with an iPad" really is? Let's turn to company CEO Avi Barssessat to see what we can glean:

Like the iPad, the iCon Bed is more about a lifestyle choice than it is about a product, and caters to consumers who know how to balance work, rest and play.

They mean that literally—this is the first bed that has a 30 pin connector so you can balance your work apps and your play apps on your bed, where you rest.

Still, ultimately, it's hard to tell if Hollandia's tongue is at least kinda in their cheek this whole time. But I'll tell you what: I won't lose sleep over it! That's a joke, there. [Hollandia]


MAKE2 Mifune

The company who made that is pretty smart— they know the market and that anything that combines "First" in conjunction with "iPad/iPhone" will immediately get undeserved press coverage by the tech blogs.

Well played, I say.