The Most Detailed Saturn V Cutaway We've Ever Seen

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NASA's Saturn V remains the only launch vehicle in history to catapult humans beyond low-Earth orbit. In this beautiful cutaway – what appears to be an original diagram from Boeing's Space Division – the legendary rocket's internal workings are laid bare in captivating detail.

The diagram, which features precise measurements and technical details on the rocket's various components, was drawn by Don Sprague and is dated March 1st, 1967 [click here to see it in high-res]. The rocket's maiden flight would occur eight months later on November 9th, 1967, with the Apollo 4 test launch. Its final voyage, on May 14th, 1973, helped place Skylab 1 – the United States' first space station – into Earth orbit. In the intervening years, the Saturn V would launch a total of two dozen astronauts to the Moon. What a beautifully documented bit of space history.

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[Spotted on Silodrome]