The Most Realistic Unboxing of All Time

Product unboxings are generally sterile affairs, boiled down to Hollywoodesque over-simplicity, ignoring blister packs and steel-impervious plastic for magically opened, perfectly photographed gadgets. Well, here's a real unboxing made for the rest of us. And to the average male Giz reader, the clip evokes the same vicarious pain of watching a guy get kicked in the stones. [via TUAW]

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LOL - come on guys - this dude is making an important point. Never mind that the apple remote is easy to open. I'll make a vid next time I'm unboxing one of my kids' new toys — esp something like her dora dollhouse. Those things are so PACKED, and are damn near impossible to open without power tools and copious cussing. WHAT IS WITH THE INSANE PACKAGING VENDORS??