The Most Ridiculous Science Fiction Plots From Actual Soap Operas

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Science fiction and fantasy on television have gone full-on soap opera, thanks to shows like Lost, Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, Once Upon a Time and Being Human. But long before genre shows were doing soap-opera storytelling, actual soap operas were featuring totally insane science fiction plots.

Here's our tribute to the nuttiest soap operas that featured crazy science fiction stories on a daily basis.

Marlena is Possessed -Days of Our Lives

Poor Marlena, she's been mind-wiped, abused, and used as a surrogate womb while in a coma. But the best and possibly most infamous soap opera plot was her ghostly possession. Which lasted for months upon months, and ended with a whimper.

Marvel Tie-In Superpowered Plot - Guiding Light

Teaming up with Marvel, Guiding Light decided to give Harley Cooper superpowers by shocking her with some Christmas lights. Naturally, she immediately started fighting crime with her ability to turn the blender on and off. But the crossover didn't stop there, Marvel even printed a short-run Guiding Light comic insert.

Casey the Alien - General Hospital

Robin Scorpio befriends Casey Rogers, an alien from the planet Lumina. Hilarity and a lot of "you're not from around here" jokes ensue.

Clones - Guiding Light

Reva gets cloned — cue the endless "No I'm Reva!" "No I'm Reva!" "No, I'm Reva!" dialogue.

Satellite Mind Control - Days Of Our Lives

The evil Stefano DiMera controls a satellite that can brainwash the beautiful Hope. In a snowstorm, Stefano activates the device, convincing Hope that she is actually Princess Gina the skanky, smoking princess who loves blonde streaks. DiMera also uses mind control devices (a chip implanted in John's head) to force him to try and kill off Roman's family!

Freeze The World (or maybe just Port Charles) - General Hospital

The famed lovers Luke and Laura save Port Charles from being placed under a deep freeze by the Bond-villain-channeling Mikkos Cassadine.

Skye and the Volcano - The Young and the Restless

Skye falls to her death in a volcano, as you do.

The City Of Eterna - One Life To Live

Viki finds the futuristic city of Eterna, which was created by her ex-lover Roger Gordon's Dad. They built it to hide all their gold, then it collapsed. Kind of sad.

The Cast of Port Charles

Inspired by Dark Shadows, Port Charles decided to do a vampire soap opera — it was ridiculous.

Every Single Episode of Passions, Ever

The little town of Harmony was constantly stuck in the middle of the war between good and evil. Characters went to hell, one woman rode a coffin to safety (thanking the dead person inside the entire way) even the series finale was full of ridiculous antics as one character heals another's amputated penis with her magic hands, during a wedding. Most of this is thanks to the resident witch Tabitha and her doll-brought-to-life Timmy (who sadly passed away during his stint on the show).