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Oh Look, the Navy's Got Itself an Oculus Rift

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The above is not bonus footage from Battleship. Nor is it promotional material for a fancy video game. What it is, though, is definitive proof that the U.S. Navy will always have way cooler toys than you.

That's right; not only does Uncle Sam have an Oculus Rift, he's found maybe the most futuristic-fantasatic purpose for it yet. What you're looking at is just a small slice of Project BlueShark, the Office of Naval Research's exploration of how we'll communicate a decade from now. And apparently the answer they've settled on is "by creating the freakin Matrix here on Earth."


You played video games with an Oculus Rift? Cute. Swapped sexes? Adorable. Call me when you've used it to maneuver a freaking battleship and maybe launch a missile or two, I dunno, whatever's going on here it is vastly superior to your childish distractions.


Anyways, good job Navy! You've made the most futuristic toy we've got feel even more so. [Navy Flickr]

Image credit: U.S. Navy photo by John F. Williams