The Navy SEAL Team 6 Dog Is a Bigger Badass Than You

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The word circulating among news outlets is that a single dog was involved in the Osama bin Laden raid. According to the UK Sun, dogs (typically German Shepherds) involved in Navy SEAL operations are usually strapped with armor and cameras to sniff for explosives, attack armed foes and provide valuable intel for soldiers.

Heavily armoured hounds - equipped with infrared night-sight cameras - have been used in the past by the top-secret unit.

The war dogs wear ballistic body armour that is said to withstand damage from single and double-edged knives, as well as protective gear which shields them from shrapnel and gunfire.


It's been previously reported that a company called K9 storm has a government contract for these poochie vests, which come in both knife-proof and camera-mountable models.

Also, you think these dogs get PTSD? [UK Sun]


Some Muslims consider dogs unclean animals. They don't keep them as pets, usually. Americans wielding ferocious unclean animals as weapons isn't good for our image. The fact that a dog was used in the raid to zap Osama will certainly be helpful for anti-US propaganda though. Not that I care though, dogs are an invaluable tool for our troops.

Interesting story:

My dog's name is Benazir. It's a pretty name. But... I have a Pakistani Muslim neighbor. When his family first moved in he heard me calling my dog by name and he came up to me and told me he was deeply offended. He told me something I already knew, that a former female PM of Pakistan who was assassinated was named Benazir Bhutto. He explained that Muslims consider dogs to be unclean animals and that I was desecrating her memory by having a dog of her namesake.

He never waves to me and he gives me dirty looks all the time. He may or may not be plotting to kill me.

Also the frequent alcohol-fueled parties at my place probably haven't endeared me to him either.