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The Nerdiest Way to Play Quake Is Also the Coolest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Forget gaming PCs. Forget Doom on an ATM. Forget Super Smash Bros. on a graphing calculator. The only game worth playing is Quake on an oscilloscope. I mean, holy crap would you look at this thing? It's as nerdy as it is awesome.

Oscilloscopes are typically used to track the variance of an electrical signal. It's a simple job that mostly involves a lot of wavy lines. They're good for games too though; An oscilloscope gave rise to Pong's great-grandfather, but this version of Quake is on a whole other level. Creator Pekka Väänänen explains the hack in great detail on his blog but really the video speaks for itself.

These definitely aren't the best graphics of the year, but they're a late entry for the coolest for sure. [lofibucket via Reddit]