The Never-Ending Descent Into This Infinite Fractal City Will Melt Your Brain

In Julius Horsthuis’ short film Recurrence, he takes the audience on a slow descent into a sprawling metropolis he’s created. But as you get closer and closer to the city, and try to make out details like houses and skyscrapers, you start to realize that those tiny details only reveal more of the same, and that your descent is never going to end.

Using computer animation to cover complex mathematical fractal patterns with satellite imagery of real cities, Horsthuis has created an amazing illusion that’s somehow relaxing while being simultaneously mind-melting. And while it’s completely fake, this descent is eerily reminiscent of when your plane gets stuck in a seemingly endless holding patten while you’re waiting to land after a long flight.

[Vimeo via The Awesomer]

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That was deeply unsettling and uncomfortable for me. If it moved faster it might have been better, but at that pace it was sitting in a 40 minute US History class hoping the school logo on the screen saver would just perfectly hit the corner already.