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The New Apple iPhone Meta-Liveblog Starts Now

Illustration for article titled The New Apple iPhone Meta-Liveblog Starts Now

As you heard, we weren't invited into the WWDC keynote itself, but that doesn't mean we're not going to be liveblogging today's events. We've had an impressive outpouring of support from our readers on the inside to help us liveblog.


Our liveblog is, as usual, over at, so head over on there now, because we've already started liveblogging. We'll be bringing you a consolidated, meta liveblog with the help of other sites like gdgt, Ars Technica, Mac Rumors, Wired, Technologizer, NYT, Mac Life, and Apple Insider. It'll be fun!


Plus, as a bonus, because we're not allowed inside, we're going to be embedding live video (and maybe audio) streams of the event. That's something Apple wouldn't let us do if we were allowed inside.

Of course we already know a good chunk of what's going to be revealed today (iPhone 4), but there are still a bunch of rumors and unknowns about the whole thing that makes this exciting. [Liveblog]

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