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The New Dungeons & Dragons Movie Has a Director

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last Summer, when Warner Bros. got the rights to make a new Dungeons & Dragons movie, it seemed like a pipe dream. But now a director has been hired and a trip to the Forgotten Realms is closer than ever.

Variety reports that Rob Letterman, who recently helmed Goosebumps, has an offer to direct the film from Warner Bros. He was among a group of directors vying for the project but a recent presentation sealed the deal for him.


When news of the film originally broke, it stated that it would be set in the Forgotten Realms, where many of the most popular D&D characters reside. And while we don’t know if that character or others will be in the film, we do know the script was written by David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2, Orphan, Wrath of the Titans).

If Letterman is now on board, it seems like Dungeons & Dragons be could hitting theaters as early as 2018, though that’s speculative.