The New Facebook Is Finally Here (For Everyone)

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Facebook has decided Timeline is ready for the non-New Zealand population, and flipped the global switch: starting today, those still sans-Timeline "will receive a notification on their Profile if they want to 'Get Timeline' or they can visit" Giddyup.


So check under your trees, everyone! Do you have it? Do you have it? With our economy, this might be the coolest thing you get this Holiday Season! We thought it was a stellar redesignwhen we reviewed it months ago and it still is—but today will mark a great global wave of complaining. Get ready for a lot of whiny status updates. OMG HATIN' THE NEW FACEBOK, WTF IS THIS???

Hit the comments to know if you've received the update, and how it's going for you. [Facebook]



This reminds me too much of Myspace.