The New Film From the Director of The Lobster Looks Less Weird, More Creepy

Colin Farrell in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Image: A24
Colin Farrell in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Image: A24

In 2015, director Yorgos Lanthimos released one of the weirdest, most unique, and darkly funny genre films in recent memory: The Lobster. His next film has a similar look, but feels very, very different, at least according to its first trailer. It’s called The Killing of a Sacred Deer.


Starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, and Alicia Silverstone, it opens October 27. Check this out.

Much like The Lobster—and Lanthimos’ other famous film, Dogtooth—at first glance, we can’t really tell what this movie is. The trailer certainly creates an unsettling tone, and there’s obviously some genre elements sprinkled in there, but whether this has fantasy or absurdity in it, we don’t know. It may just be super messed up, which would be on brand for the director. We’ll just have to wait and see.

After premiering at Cannes, The Killing of a Sacred Deer will continue playing the festival circuit before opening in theaters this fall. We’ll have a review next month during Fantastic Fest. Even then, we promise not to spoil too much.


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The Lobster is great. Easily my favorite film of last year.
And...emphatically not for everyone.