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The New Mutants Dropped Tons of New Footage at SDCC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The titular New Mutants.
The titular New Mutants.
Image: Disney

The New Mutants’ San Diego Comic-Con panel just revealed an exclusive look at the film’s opening sequence. If you missed it, no sweat, we’ve got it right here.

Directed by Josh Boone, The New Mutants was famously supposed to be released back April of 2018. As that was happening, Disney purchased Fox and shelved the film for a while as everyone figured out what was going on with the Fox Marvel properties. That’s a question we still don’t have an answer to but Disney will be releasing The New Mutants... at some point. And, when it does, it’ll start like this.

Living up to its premise of being about a bunch of newly-empowered mutants just discovering their powers, the new footage dropped today focuses mainly on Dani Moonstar (Blu Hunt) at a moment in her life when she seemingly first made contact with the spiritual Demon Bear that would eventually come to haunt her and her fellow would-be X-Men. Rather than spotlighting Dani’s own burgeoning powers the way that so many other establishing scenes in X-movies have, The New Mutants instead opens on Dani in the midst of some sort of imminent danger. The scene definitely plays up the horror elements that Josh Boone’s spoken about wanting to highlight in the film.


But along with the opening scene, SDCC’s panel also included an extended trailer featuring new looks at Magik’s Soulsword in action and our first really solid look at Wolfsbane’s transformation into her lupine form. What’s striking about it all is that, cool as the shots of the kids fighting the Demon Bear (which Magik namechecks) are, you get the distinct sense that The New Mutants truly might live up to its promise of skewing more towards the scary side of things rather than the straight-up superheroic.

That was just one part of the panel, which also focused on some cool new art, Twitter emojis, and a release date that is “coming soon.” You can watch the whole panel above and check back for more New Mutants (very) soon.


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