The New Venom Poster Is Incredibly on Brand

We are Venom!
We are Venom!
Image: Sony Pictures

He’s more tongue than man, now.

Venom, the upcoming movie about a monstrous symbiote bonding with a man with an impossible accent, really does seem to be nailing the vibe of the over-the-top, goth nightmare/dream of the 1980s and ‘90s. Like, for instance, this new poster, which is just so very Venom it hurts a little.

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The poster, as shared by Bloody Disgusting, is a promo for the IMAX showing of the film, which promise all the excitement of amorphous alien goo biology in all the screen real estate that you could possibly want. And also probably a bit more.

But, seriously, look at that art. The tongue alone is worthy of an entire post. It just feels very classic Venom to me, fleshy and energetic and as creepy as it is something I could totally see myself putting on my trapper keeper when I was younger.

One fun thing about movie promotions is seeing a distinctive aesthetic get filtered successfully (or not) into art, music, and other promo materials. And whoever’s making the Venom posters seems to have it down. Just look at that boy. Absolute monster unit.

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