The Next Generation in Cinerama is beautifully Cinematic

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We've featured Nick Acosta's gorgeous Star Trek cinerama shots before, but he's returned to the idea once more, with a new set of shots from The Next Generation - and they look absolutely brilliant.

Acosta created the shots for Tested's Live Show at the Bay Area Science Festival earlier this week, and as it was with the screens he did with the Original Series - created by stitching HD screenshots together to give the effect of the 'Cinerama' projection technique of the 50's and 60's - the effect is wonderfully well done. Despite being almost three decades old, some of the shots make TNG look like it's a modern TV show. The shot in the header is definitely my favourite of them all, but here's a few others:


It'll be tough as there aren't particularly high-quality versions of them available, but I'd love Acosta to continue this project with Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Turns out Star Trek in Cinerama can be downright beautiful. Check out a couple more shots over at the Nerdist, linked below.


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