The Next Wave Of Animated Batman Figures Comes With An Awesome Nightwing

We've known it's been coming for a while after DC announced delays to try and fix the problems with the toyline, but at last, here's some good news for the toyline based on Batman: The Animated Series and The New Adventures Of Batman: Nightwing is on the way, and he looks rather lovely.

The fifth wave of figures doesn't just include TNAB Nightwing though — he's also joined by the TAS version of Mad Hatter, as well as the TNAB versions of Bane and the Scarecrow. Check the full Nightwing and the rest of the wave out, and all the accessories they'll come with, below:


I love that Bane just comes with a multitude of fists with which to grapple and punch people. Perfect!


These figures do look great, but considering they still look like they're balancing on some precariously thin ankle joints, especially Nightwing, they could still be prone to breaking. Let's hope DC's fixes work and we can all enjoy figures that look as good as this without fear of them literally snapping their own ankles under their top-heavy weight.

Nightwing and the rest of the wave will be out in October for $25 each.The Animated Series Batmobile revealed ahead of Toy Fair last month will also be out then, so if you collect this line, prepare for your wallet to ache for a while.


[via Toyark]

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