The One Wikipedia Page You Can Actually Read Today

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The SOPA Blackout may be spreading across the internet today, which includes Wikipedia. But as Giz comrade Mark Wilson points out, there's one Wiki entry you can actually navigate to: the Stop Online Piracy Act page (DUH!).


But if you really need to get to the rest of Wikipedia, all hope is not lost, as each individual entry is still online, but is simply blocked by a splash page activated by JavaScript. So if you hit the stop button (or, as the NY Times points out, hitting the ESC key repeatedly) on your browser in between the original Wiki entry loading and the javascript kicking in, you can also just disable the the blackout page. Happy blackout day! [Mark Wilson]



Worked fine on my iPhone. Also just use Google Cache. But as someone said, isn't the point, hope this helps motivates some people!