The Only Good Thing About The Matrix Revolutions Is Now A Cool Toy

Before you start saying 'Wait, there was something good in Revolutions?', look! Giant, wonderful mech toys! Forget about literally everything else in the movie.

Yes, Threezero are bringing the cool mech suits from the otherwise-pants final film in the Matrix franchise, the Armoured Power Units, to the world of toys. The fully articulated figure stands at an impressive 13.5" tall, and comes packed with a bunch of accessories - two massive guns, complete with lights in the tips to simulate a hearty dose of gunfire, some ammo boxes, and even a figure to go in it that looks suspiciously like Captain Mifune, although he's labelled merely as 'APU pilot'.


If a mahoosive robo-suit wasn't enough for you, you get even more stuff if you get the 'deluxe' version of the figure, which comes with a ground staff figure and an articulated ammo loader for the APU:


Significantly less exciting that a bigass robot suit toy, but there we go.

Want one? Well, it's going for a price that's as big as the damn thing itself: when preorders go live on Threezero's webstore at 9am Hong Kong time on February 16th (that's 8pm EST and 5pm PST on the 15th), the APU will set you back a whopping $390.


I mean, you could argue that nothing about Matrix Revolutions is worth almost $400, but it's still a pretty badass mech toy. Just try to forget about where it came from!


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