The only thing you need to see from last night's Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

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Maybe our expectations were a little high, after compiling the best moments of past Treehouses of Horror, but last night's Simpsons special was a bit lackluster. However, there were at least two few funny jokes — and here they are.

The Simpsons' best bit might have been the all monster-parody of The Office. Which was cute, but not particularly timely by any means. We know that The Simpsons has to write and animate their series months and months behind shows like South Park, but this was odd. Cute, but odd.


Ah well, the Milhouse gag in the Twilight spoof was worth the wait until the end. The jean-shorted little boy was channeling his best werewolf Jacob Black... until he transformed into this:


Poor Milhouse.

Here's the full episode for Hulu users.