Operators Tweak That Handsome Furs Magic Into Synth Heaven

When the curtain was first raised at the Future Islands show at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood last week I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know who would be opening for the Baltimore-based band and hadn't bothered to check. Squinting to make out the lead singer's face (I really need to update my glasses prescription) I was pleasantly surprised to see it was Dan Boeckner of the Handsome Furs. Or so I thought it was the Handsome Furs.


The woman on keyboards and man on drums weren't familiar. This was no Handsome Furs opener, as I soon learned. It was a new band fronted by Boeckner who called themselves Operators. And they were fantastic.

The drummer (unfortunately I didn't catch his name) really stole the show, which is of note if only because the dynamic thump of organic drums are noticeably absent from Operators' new EP, which was released August 5th.


The live show was something to behold. The EP is definitely worth checking out, including the track above, "True." But if you get a chance to see these guys while they're on tour, I can't recommend it highly enough. Whenever Operators release a full album my only hope is that their live presence somehow shines through in the recording a bit more — which is to say I'd love to hear more drum kit and just a splash of the guitars that made the Handsome Furs (and last week's show) so special. [YouTube - Soundcloud]

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No "The" - just "Operators." And they're great.