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The Opposite of Photoshop

Illustration for article titled The Opposite of Photoshop

This is a lovely painting—except that it's a photo. Of a person. In front of a set. It's an amazing blend of photography, body paint, and modeling. And it makes me so thankful that Photoshop exists.


The picture was snapped by University of Hawaii art professor Peter Kun Frary, who noticed the display outside of a MAC cosmetics store. The amount of time and effort that went into this must have been staggering, and I'm duly impressed. But it's also a reminder that I can make equally amazing effects with a few key strokes and mouse clicks any time I want, thanks to a program that turns 20 today. Thanks, Photoshop. No mostly naked body-painted model in a shopping mall display could ever take your place. [Peter Kun Frary via Neatorama]

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I think you should fire your "photography" intern, because they are failing to keep your "photography" editor from having 3 martini lunches and posting this C-R-A-P.