The Original Animated Teen Titans Will Return for Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans

The original animated Titans are making their way back.
The original animated Titans are making their way back.
Image: Warner Bros.

The beloved animated show Teen Titans is making a comeback—but it’s not quite the sixth season you may have been dreaming of.


Although the Titans themselves have moved on from the iconic, anime-influenced Cartoon Network series that defined the team for many in the early 2000s—not just in animated form with Teen Titans Go!, but now on DC’s streaming service with the hard-edged, live-action Titans series—fans have been demanding a return for years at this point. That clamoring only got louder this year, when a mid-credits scene for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies hinted that the original Teen Titans team was trapped somewhere and trying to make their way back. Now, we know just what for.

Earlier this week, a brief teaser trailer—purporting to be from next week’s Blu-ray and DVD release of Go! To the Movies—leaked online, alleging that the two animated Titan teams will clash in a new animated project called, of course, Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans:

io9 confirmed with Warner Bros. the veracity of the trailer and that Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans will launch in 2019. Beyond that, we don’t know anything just yet—whether it’s a second animated movie, a crossover episode of Go!, a direct-to-DVD release, or something else entirely, remains to be seen. But with this teaser on the home release of Go! To the Movies, there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing more soon.

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I hadn’t seen any Teen Titans Go! stuff until the movie, and I completely loved it! I saw it 3 times in the cinema and I’m counting the days until I can own it.

As I’m late to the party I had no idea of the backlash against it from fans of the older Teen Titans show. I checked out that show and... it looks like a generic early 2000s show, trying to ape Asian animation?

I understand that those who came in on the ground floor might feel aggrieved that they never got the final season but I much prefer Go! for its bright animation style and silliness (although it’s smart with it!)