The Original Jurassic Park Velociraptor Costume Makes Your Halloween Get-Up Look Plain Sad

Despite hitting theaters almost 20 years ago, Jurassic Park and its ground-breaking special effects still holds up. And if you've yet to find the perfect Halloween outfit for next week, check out this behind-the-scenes look at the velociraptor costumes Stan Winston Studios created for the film.


This never-before-seen footage was released as part of the curriculum for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, and while it doesn't exactly give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to build your own, the basic concepts are revealed. You'll just need to master the intricacies of working with foam and latex, advanced painting techniques, and learn to walk like an extinct bipedal carnivore in a week's time. But trading a week without sleep for a guaranteed win at every costume contest you enter is totally worth it.

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[Stan Winston School of Character Arts via Cheezburger]

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Andrew Liszewski

Come on Spielberg. This is the one time I wish you'd take a page from Lucas' playbook and merchandise Jurassic Park even more. I'd drop a grand on a costume like this in a heartbeat.