The Originals Wields Irony Like A F--ing Straight Razor

To most people, The Originals is a wacky spinoff of the "vampire love triangle" show The Vampire Diaries — in which the ancient vamps from TVD go to New Orleans, have a magic baby, and get caught up in endless power struggles. But to devotees, The Originals is a reliable supplier of hilariously bitter irony. Just watch this clip.


Spoilers ahead...

Here's what you just watched: Finn, the eldest brother of the family of ancient vamps, was a self-hating vampire who wanted to wipe out all of his own kind, but now he's been brought back to life in the body of an African American witch, Vincent. He's following his mom, who also hates the vampires that she basically created single-handed, and is also living in the body of an African American witch. Earlier in last night's episode, Finn/Vincent shows a whole bunch of vampires for what they really are: He traps them in a house with a bunch of werewolves, with no way out. (During one of the show's endless vamp/werewolf peace conferences.) Then he uses blood magic to make the vampires ravenously hungry, so they'll have no choice but to try and slaughter all the werewolves. Thus proving Finn/Vincent right, that these vamps are animals with no control over their bloodthirsty impulses.


Finn/Vincent then finds his missing mother — who's been turned into a vampire and left with a blood bag. If she could just resist drinking the blood bag, she wouldn't have to turn into the creature she despises. But she's unable to resist the hunger, and gives in — unlike the vampires that Finn put the blood-hunger curse on, who actually are able to control themselves until the werewolves get to safety. Of course, Finn doesn't reflect that maybe he's been too quick to condemn vamps for acting on their nature, when even his saintly mother can't resist — instead, he just goes batshit at her and winds up laying her out next to her dessicated ex-husband.

Last night's episode was generally a pretty good dose of the insanity for which The Originals has become known — Elijah is freaking out with guilt and PTSD, and going all Lady MacBeth on his shirtsleeves, while still pwning the pouty Camille at Trivial Pursuit. Hayley basically tells beard-guy that she'll never love him and she's been "with" Elijah — but beard boy gives a moving speech about how he still wants to marry her, because he loves her that much. Klaus figures out that Kol is being Kol, and traps him with a bunch of still-hungry vamps. And Rebekah is trapped in a crazy witch asylum.... with the ghost of her long-dead sister Freya.

Most importantly, Josh the vampire called Aidan the werewolf his boyfriend. His boyfriend. And then they had to have a serious talk about all the wrongs that were done to the werewolves in the past by vampires, and whether their forbidden love can survive the werewolf censure, when Josh won't even admit that he bears guilt by association for the systematic oppression of the werewolf people. The main thing is: BOYFRIEND.



Edgar Allan Bro

I really hope the whole Elijah the serial killer thing is just the mother having messed with his mind.