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The Outlander Coloring Book Is An Actual Thing That Exists

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Don’t take that header as me being dismissive—the current “Adult coloring book” boom is a very real thing, and even Game of Thrones is getting in on it. But holy cow, Diana Gabaldon wrote an Outlander coloring book filled with gorgeous art for you to fill in. What a time to be alive! I hope you remembered what color Jamie’s tartan is.

Out today, The Official Outlander Coloring Book features passages about the book-series-turned-TV-show written by Gabaldon, strewn between 95+ pages of black and white art from artists such as Juan Alarcón, Yvonne Gilbert, Craig Phillips, Jon Proctor, Tomislav Tomić, and Rebecca Zomchek—portraying Claire, Jamie, and the rest of the cast, as well as more Scottish landscapes than you can shake a time-displaced Sassenach at. And it’s all there for you to carefully color in. It’s relaxation, through the medium of 18th Century men in kilts.


The adult coloring book sensation was largely born out of original designs and artwork, but now TV shows are jumping on board with the trend, leading to a world in which you can most likely go out as a fully-fledged adult and buy yourself a coloring book based on one of your favorite TV shows. There’s not anything wrong with that—Outlander fans, feel free to scribble on as many scenes of sexy shirtless Scotsmen as you desire. But it is a situation that’s delightful and absurd in equal measure, there’s no denying that.

You can check out a couple more pages from the book below—and if you’re interested in a copy, you can buy one now for around $10.


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