The Peavey AT-200 Is the T-Pain of Electric Guitars

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Why should Akon have all the fun? This new guitar has a built-in Auto-Tune feature that can change the pitch and tuning of any note played—in real-time—at the press of a button.


Sure, Gibson's been making self-tuning guitars for a while now, but the AT-200 works differently. It's outfitted with an Auto-Tune for Guitar DSP from Anteres—makers of the original Auto-Tune—that essentially does the same for guitar notes as it does for vocals by instantly providing perfect tone and pitch.

According to a Peavey press release,

The Peavey AT-200 guitar with the Antares Solid-Tune™ intonation system constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and electronically makes any corrections necessary to ensure that every note of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure.


The AT-200 can also perform some impressive acoustic alchemy with your hot licks. It's able to instantly tune your guitar, switch instantly between alternate tunings, help maintain intonation was you move between chords, and all the heavy sound modulation that we've come to expect from Cher songs.

It's also upgradable. New features can be loaded into the guitar via any MIDI source or an iOS device running Auto-Tune control software. The AT-200 will be available in July 2012, though no price has been set yet. Man, I would have loved to see what Hendrix could do with one of these. [Anteres- Peavey via Techcrunch]

Image via the AP - Note: That isn't the real AT-200, though it is the real Slash playing and the real Jamie Foxx dressed like Kevin Costner from Dances with Wolves

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Look, if you can't play guitar you're an idiot, it's a pretty simple device to pick up. Master? Hell no, that's another story. But honestly, lets be realistic here, you're trying to learn guitar to get laid. Three cords, all you need is three cords. You can master that in a long weekend. Sure those indie chicks with their tattoos, pro choice attitudes, and women's empowerment crap will want you to know Tame Impala, but don't bother. The sex to effort ratio is way too high. Learn some Top 40 and impress that girl who used to be a cheerleader but now works at the Tilted Kilt. Don't worry about being in tune, it doesn't really matter, her standards, like her self esteem, dropped a long time ago.