The PoD: Poor Man's Media PC

Sure, most of us would love to stream the world's digital content through our televisions, but it can get pricey real quick when media centers get involved. "The PoD" by Verismo Networks is a $99 box that supports basically any format of video that you can throw at it (from internet Flash clips like YouTube to Windows DRM content like Amazon Unbox downloads).

The hardware itself looks a lot like a beefy router. Connecting to the internet without the aid of a computer, it will feature USB ports for flash memory storage along with S-Video and/or HDMI out (it doesn't sound like the final specs are nailed down just yet, honestly).


But Verismo is promising a ton of partnerships that could make the PoD a sort of one-stop media streamer for BitTorrent and paid downloads alike. Plus, the UI looks speedy and easy to use in this demo. We'll be keeping an eye out for sure. [Verismo Networks via newteevee]

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This run through could have been 20 minutes long and I still don't think he would have been able to explain everything this little box could do. Get Netflix signed up and make sure the website UI is friendly then I'd seriously consider this lil guy. Though, I doubt Netflix would consider a partnership with their new box out.