The PS3 Slim Approaches (So the Evidence Says)

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Whether it's the PS3 Slim or the PS3 Rocket Ride, something is happening in Sony land. Let's review the crazy (and growing) pile of evidence:

• The 80GB PS3 is being discontinued. in Japan by the manufacturer's request. Meanwhile, price cuts on various bundles are happening all around the world. HMM.


Digitimes reports Sony is seriously ramping up orders for "key PS3 components," enough to build a million consoles over the next three months. Even though, you know, they've been selling fewer PS3s. HMMMM.

Amazon lists a PS3 "Konsole Slim." Hmm.

Update: Another one. PS3 production costs are down about 70 percent. Perfect for cramming more production stuff into less space.


• Last but not least, speculation that we'll see the PS3 Slim show its prettier face at gamecom on August 18. HHMMMMMM.



I can get behind a PS3 slim. Just give me back BC, 4 USB ports, different colors and the ability to charge my controllers without the PS3 being turned on. I would really like to be able to choose a color other than piano black. Thing is a fingerprint/dust magnet. Plus, with the die shrink, the energy savings/noise reduction from less heat on the slim PS3 would be nice too.

Another concern, is how are they making it slimmer? Supposedly they are going down to 45 and making the power supply external. I dont know about you, but when I finally bought a slim PS2, it had that bulky ass power brick. Do you know how large that thing was?

Thankfully though, I was one of the lucky ones that bought the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle pack with all the features still intact so even if they dont put the features back I will still have a great PS3.