The REAL reason Simon Tam wasn't in our 1980s Firefly intro!

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People complained that we left Simon Tam out of our 1980s-style Firefly opening credits. You failed to realize: That was Firefly's second-season intro. By then, Sean Maher had cashed in on his unbelievable popularity, with a spin-off. Check it out.

Here is the intro to that show which, as we all remember, lasted even longer than the TV institution that was Firefly. I still have a tough time imagining Friday nights on Fox without the handsome jawline of Dr. Simon Tam delivering diagnosis. Man, could that guy carry a show!

Yes, I know, two Disasters in one week. Don't get used to it. But, for something... a little different.


I think you may remember that my whole deal with the "2012" trailer a while ago was merely my arrogance in believing they just weren't selling that movie right. Well, it's happening again. The movie below is a movie that should sell itself and honestly, they're having trouble doing that. Don't worry Sly, I'm here for you. And for whichever commenter is going to make some crack about "This isn't Sci-Fi!!!" I have a message for you...
Shut up and eat your Awesome.

[I do highly recommend going to the link for full 1080p goodness]

This is Garrison Dean saying... I would never admit when I'm wrong (because I'm never wrong), but I will admit that perhaps, just maybe, I do things to intentionally get a rise out of people like maybe leave someone out of a video on purpose, and just maybe I underestimate the tenacity that some of us nerds have about things. But man, you knuckleheads really like Simon. EXCELSIOR!!!


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