The Reed Hastings Qwikster Apology Tour Marches On

Illustration for article titled The Reed Hastings Qwikster Apology Tour Marches On

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO and enthusiastic Qwikster regretist, has made NYT Magazine the latest stop on his grand apology over his company's unfortunately executed DVD-mailing kissing cousin. He is, again, so very sorry.


Hastings cites a miscalculation in the "depth of emotional attachment to Netflix" among his customers for the Qwikster backlash. Which is one explanation! But maybe not the more likely one, which is that the company had a good idea but executed it in a hasty fumble that confused and annoyed its core base.

Worth a read, anyhow, both for Hastings' insights and what's possibly the most off-putting lead-off interview question I've ever seen, from the NYT or anywhere. [NYT]