The RFID Record Player Is a Real World Cover Flow

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I like this idea by Matt Brown: He tags 45rpm vinyl records with RFID stickers to play songs in a turntable that doesn't turn at all.

Inside the fake player he placed an RFID reader, which gets the information from the RFID-tagged record. Once it detects it—and the user moves the tonearm into position—the record player starts reproducing a playlists. Matt wanted to be able to touch the songs, like people used to do back in the day, when people wore funny shirts and pants and watched Three Is Company in analog TV. If you want all the inconvenience of physical records combined all the inconveniences of cold digital music, you absolutely need this. I know I do. [Real Tomato]

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Broken Machine

A buddy of mine wrote a little program to play an MP3 album through Winamp when the barcode of the CD cover was scanned using a Radio Shack Cuecat. This was back when Winamp was in the 2.x releases and Cuecats was available, but it worked nicely, however you needed a computer to use it. We planned on making it standalone, but as digital jukebox software matured and players got large enough to hold entire collections, the project gathered dust.