When the original version was first revealed, we were amazed at how brilliantly easy the rubber band Easy-Macro made adding an extra lens to any smartphone. But somehow the new version manages to further improve the original design with a better lens that helps protect it from scratches and allows it to be stacked for increased magnification.


Thanks to a raised plastic lip surrounding the lens element, there's less of a chance of it getting scratched when left sitting face down on a flat surface. And because the Easy-Macro is secured using an elastic band, multiple lenses can be stacked boosting your smartphone camera's magnification again and again. The only limitation is the thickness of your device and how far the rubber bands can stretch.

The updated version of the Easy-Macro lens started life as a Kickstarter project, but it more than reached its funding goal and will actually be available for purchase by anyone—not just those who donated—starting December 5th today for just $15. Just in time to be a cheap, but incredibly useful, stocking stuffer. [Easy-Macro]

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