The SC: Jimmy Carter on Weed, The Science of Color, and How to Copy Cannabis

Former President Jimmy Carter Joins in Growing Chorus of Support for Legal Weed

During a recent CNN panel event in Georgia, the 39th President delivered this rousing endorsement of the Pro-Pot movement,

I'm in favor of it. I think it's OK, I don't think it's going to happen in Georgia yet, but I think we can watch and see what happens in the state of Washington, for instance around Seattle, and let the American government and let the American people see does it cause a serious problem or not. So I think a few places around the world is good to experiment with and also just a few states in America are good to take the initiative and try something out. That's the way our country has developed over the last 200 years. It's about a few states being kind of experiment states. So on that basis I am in favor of it.


[iMarijuana - Image: the AP]

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