The scariest (and least scary) sharks attacks you've seen yet

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Last Saturday, a cameraman swimming off the coast of Maine was attacked by an eight-foot porbeagle shark. Without further ado, here's footage of that real-life shark attack contrasted with Jaws' death in the Jaws 2 coloring book. Enjoy.

Last Saturday, Scott MacNichol was filming underwater off the coast of Maine, capturing scintillating footage on the effects of salmon farming. What he didn't anticipate was an encounter with a hungry Lamna nasus. From Russia Today:

Scott MacNichol, 30 [...] was diving near Eastport, US, and filming the ocean floor, when a porbeagle shark came at him, jabbing the camera with its snout. The shark apparently mistook his camera equipment for food. MacNichol said he was petrified at the animal's behaviour and screamed underwater.

After escaping the shark, MacNichol dove again an hour later, and the shark was still mulling about.

Creepy stuff, no? Let's contrast this with Jaws' death in the Jaws 2 kids' coloring book, which features photos of either the shark or people swimming, and never the twains shall meet. For those of you who forget the ending to this unnecessary sequel, the shark tries to eat Roy Scheider and explodes when it bites an underwater cable. Here's the coloring book's depiction of this thrilling scene.


What the heck's going on here? Did the lighthouse fire ball lightning at Jaws? Did the shark ignore the lighthouse and crash into Massachusetts? Did Chief Brody's son lob a mind bullet at the Great White? An entire generation grew up believing that Jaws 2 was a comedy about a hapless dipsomaniac shark terrorized by psychic children.

Ugh. Let's cleanse your palate with some scenes from Marvel's Jaws 2 comic book. Here, Jaws is lit on fire and slam-dances into a small boat.


[Illustration via Plaid Stallions]