The Sculptor, In the Conservatory, With the Baseball Bat

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Some consider art to be the breathing of new life into ordinary materials. Sculptor Laurent Craste would beg to differ, turning each of these works into scenes of violent ceramic murder. The following is not for faint-of-heart urn lovers.


Craste is from Montreal, and the artist describes the work as follows:

In terms of narrative content, the criticism of decorative art is filtered through the stills underlying Craste's recent works. The outmoded ideas disseminated by bucolic scenes, floral bouquets and exotic trash, are presented and staged to highlight their racist or sexist elements and the conservatism of the object's owners. Therefore the critique of the representation also becomes a critique of the medium.

Edgy! And maybe not surprising from coming from a serial ceramics killer. [Who Killed Bambi via The Daily What]


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Gordon Freeman approves this use of a crowbar but prefers bashing head crabs.