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The Shade on These Perfectly Flat Lamps Is Just an Optical Illusion

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Using the same science that makes fiber optics and modern communications possible, these ultra-flat LED lamps look like they’ve each got a shade attached to them, but it’s all just an optical illusion.

Created by Israel’s Studio Cheha, these new lamps are actually an updated version of an older design that looked like a giant 3D light bulb sitting on your desk. The original Bulbing Lamp is now available at MoMA Store, but the new versions are just starting life with a Kickstarter campaign trying to raise about $23,000.


Relying on a physics trick called total internal reflection, the shade on these three different lamps is made from an acrylic sheet that’s been laser-etched with the angled lines that create the illusion of depth. When illuminated from the side using LEDs, those etched lines glow creating the appearance of a wireframe 3D lamp shade.

So how do you get your hands on one of the three new Bulbing Lamp designs? You can pre-order them with a pledge to their Kickstarter campaign: $65 for the CLASSi, or $70 for the DESKi or ZIGGi designs. Delivery is expected as early as January of next year, which is probably an accurate estimate given the the design and manufacturing process for these lamps was already perfected for the original version years ago.


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