The Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-70LE732U Is Seriously Spectacularge

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This summer the Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-70LE732U LCD TV is taking living rooms everywhere one step closer to realizing the American Dream. Because, like all things American and dreamy, their 70'' Class LCD TV (69 ½ diagonal) is jumbowhelmingly big. With 62% more screen area than a 55-inch TV, the Sharp 70" Class LCD TV is the biggest and brightest on the market. Best of all, despite its massive size, the LC-70LE732U comes with fast motion processing and a thin profile that is not normally associated with a television so large.

And because viewing pleasure isn't only about size, Sharp has made some pretty impressive color advancements, thanks to its Quattron Quad Pixel Technology. Instead of employing the standard 3-color RGB color system, the LC-70LE732U's 4-color RGBY technology adds a forth sub-pixel, yellow, giving your picture more intense hues and vibrant color saturation. Sharp's advanced pixel control technology minimizes light leakage while offering a wider aperture to let more light through, which, combined with Quad Pixel Plus technology, enables the processing of images with higher resolution and fewer jags in diagonal lines.


Couple these features with built in Wi-Fi and apps like Facebook, Pandora, and Netflix, throw in a few karma points for the LC-70LE732U's Energy Star badge, and soon enough you'll find yourself declining invitations to hang out with your real friends in order to spend more quality time with the beast that knows you best-your enormous LC-70LE732U LCD TV.

And because big is just too small a word to describe the LC-70LE732U, Sharp is hosting a contest that asks fans to create new words that describe their new 70" Class LCD TV. What would you call the LC-70LE732U? Hugmoncular? Ridicularge? Submit your big word via Facebook and you could win a gargantacular TV of your very own.