The Simpsons Gets 20 Years of Apple Jokes Out of the Way at Once

Though The Simpsons has a history of satirizing tech culture, and even Apple specifically, last night's episode felt like it was making up for a bit of lost time. It's not just iPods and iMacs getting reprefixed and animated: it's Apple Stores, the G4 Cube, past and present fanboys, vintage advertising and even Steve Jobs himself. Even if Groening and co. aren't exactly breaking new ground here (though they seem to reserve some special venom for Mr. Jobs), there are more than a few great lines buried in the sketch. [Teencast—Thanks, Shivi]



I don't care what anyone says. I still like the Simpsons.

Sure, they may have been better a few seasons ago, but they are still worth 30 minutes of my time on a Sunday night.

To all you whiners who complain they aren't funny anymore, stop watching them. And, if you think a clip Gizmodo's posted will be lame, why watch it?

While the Simpsons may seem old and outdated, it's still better than a lot of the drek on TV today. (reality TV needs to die a painful death)