The Snuggie Sutra Brings Sex to the Unsexiest Blanket Around

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There's really nothing sexy about seeing your significant other wearing a backwards robe and watching TV on the couch. That is, until you see the Snuggie Sutra. Here are some of our favorite moves from the site.

The Hi Yo Silver - The woman wears the Snuggie on her back and he holds the bottom. Ride off into the sunset, or stay inside where its warm.


Superwoman - She wears the Snuggie on her back. He holds the other end in his teeth. You are super if you can hold yourself up and keep him quiet at the same time.

The Cuddly Puppy - The man wears the Snuggie on his front and covers her. She feels warm and cozy like Grandma's house, but still knows who her daddy is.


The Tablecloth - She lies on the table. He wears the Snuggie on his front while the bottom end covers her. It's just not a holiday without stuffing.