The Steampunk Bar(tender) That You Never Have to Tip

This mechanical wet bar—called the "Green Bar" for its structural reliance on mostly recycled wood—is the work of self-taught mixed-media artist Dale Mathis.

Mathis's works derive inspiration from the fantasy designs of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, Salvado Dali and Edmonia Lewis. Having been raised surrounded by gangs and crime, his creations "speak from the heart of the discordant struggle of urban American life."


The Green Bar's full-functional gears spin to gingerly tilt the liquor bottles that rest in the carousel—carefully pouring—or at least almost pouring—your drink from bottle to glass. The glass sink, too, is fully functional; also on deck are an ice bucket, back-mounted wine coasters and coasters on which to rest a champagne flute. [Inhabitat via Dale Mathis]

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